NHP Launching Event ( 31st March,2017)

“The National Health Plan is for the public’s health as well as our country’s peace. Efficiency in the various programs will result if the people are healthy. If efficiency is improved, it will go a long way in contributing to the country’s development. A developed nation goes a long way in contributing to a country’s peace and stability. The National Health Plan is crucial for Myanmar, and the healthcare professionals should acknowledge the fact that everyone can potentially contribute to the country”, the State Counsellor Daw Aung San Su Kyi said.

“Health care is everyone’s responsibility. I do not want a situation where only the rich can afford health care. If our citizens have faith in our healthcare system and believe that the nation will take care of them, whether they are rich or poor, then it is the greatest gift for our country,” she added. The five-year national health plan was drafted by the Ministry of Health and Sports, with the help of several UN organizations and technicians from NGOs. The plan aims to provide affordable health care which is accessible to everyone and to implement a cost-effective basic healthcare system by the year 2020.                  download.pdf