What is the M-HSCC?

M-HSCC is to contribute to improving the health and well-being of the population of Myanmar

What is the M-HSCC?

The Myanmar Health Sector Coordinating Committee has a broad mandate as a national coordinating body for all public health sector issues.  The Governance Manual lay out the guidelines for the M-HSCC members to guide the Ministry of Health and Sports in strengthening the Health Sector.

The M-HSCC was established as an expansion of the scope of work and areas of oversight of the former M-CCM, a Global Fund Country Structure in charge of overseeing the national response to AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, as well as supervising the implementation of maternal and child health strategies and the achievements of Millennium Development Goals.

As the main health sector partner and stakeholders coordination structure in Myanmar, the M-Health Sector Coordinating Committee acts as a “catalyser” to aid the country in obtaining the following expected benefits:

  • Improved health care coverage
  • Reduction in morbidity
  • Improved health status of the people
  • Improved medical education
  • Development of health research
  • Development of traditional medicine
  • Improved health knowledge of the people through effective information, education and communication activities